GLS Spot Series

GLS lighting track spotlights are an inexpensive option for enhancing general lighting or highlighting details. High quality light, good color rendering and wide range of optics options enable use in various sites. Streamlined outlooks and the luminaire body comes in white and black colors. Compatible with 3 phase lighting tracks of several manufacturers. As a proof of good quality, the GLS spotlights have 5-year warranty.

Products in this series

ProductLuminous FluxPowerLuminous EfficacyCCTCRIDimensionsLight DistributionColor
GLS0621NT903015W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12515°White
GLS0621NT903015B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12515°Black
GLS0621NT903024W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12524°White
GLS0621NT903024B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12524°Black
GLS0621NT903036W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12536°White
GLS0621NT903036B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12536°Black
GLS0621NT903060W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12560°White
GLS0621NT903060B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø66*L12560°Black
GLS0621NT904015W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12515°White
GLS0621NT904015B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12515°Black
GLS0621NT904024W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12524°White
GLS0621NT904024B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12524°Black
GLS0621NT904036W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12536°White
GLS0621NT904036B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12536°Black
GLS0621NT904060W2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12560°White
GLS0621NT904060B2100 lm20 W105 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø66*L12560°Black
GLS0729NT903015W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14015°White
GLS0729NT903015B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14015°Black
GLS0729NT903024W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14024°White
GLS0729NT903024B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14024°Black
GLS0729NT903036W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14036°White
GLS0729NT903036B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14036°Black
GLS0729NT903060W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14060°White
GLS0729NT903060B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø77*L14060°Black
GLS0729NT904015W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14015°White
GLS0729NT904015B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14015°Black
GLS0729NT904024W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14024°White
GLS0729NT904024B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14024°Black
GLS0729NT904036W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14036°White
GLS0729NT904036B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14036°Black
GLS0729NT904060W2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14060°White
GLS0729NT904060B2900 lm28 W104 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø77*L14060°Black
GLS0835NT903015W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15015°White
GLS0835NT903015B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15015°Black
GLS0835NT903024W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15024°White
GLS0835NT903024B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15024°Black
GLS0835NT903036W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15036°White
GLS0835NT903036B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15036°Black
GLS0835NT903060W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15060°White
GLS0835NT903060B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø88*L15060°Black
GLS0835NT904015W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15015°White
GLS0835NT904015B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15015°Black
GLS0835NT904024W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15024°White
GLS0835NT904024B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15024°Black
GLS0835NT904036W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15036°White
GLS0835NT904036B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15036°Black
GLS0835NT904060W3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15060°White
GLS0835NT903060B3500 lm36 W97 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø88*L15060°Black
GLS1042NT903015W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15015°White
GLS1042NT903015B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15015°Black
GLS1042NT903024W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15024°White
GLS1042NT903024B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15024°Black
GLS1042NT903036W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15036°White
GLS1042NT903036B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15036°Black
GLS1042NT903060W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15060°White
GLS1042NT903060B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W3000 K≥90Ø99*L15060°Black
GLS1042NT904015W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15015°White
GLS1042NT904015B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15015°Black
GLS1042NT904024W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15024°White
GLS1042NT904024B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15024°Black
GLS1042NT904036W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15036°White
GLS1042NT904036B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15036°Black
GLS1042NT904060W4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15060°White
GLS1042NT904060B4200 lm42 W100 lm/W4000 K≥90Ø99*L15060°Black


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